Have you heard the latest buzz this summer? Bee rings are this summers must have and we have a superb range of bee rings which include a variety of colours such as rose gold, gold & silver. From honeycomb rings, honey bee rings & and bee swarm rings.

Materials: We stock sterling silver bee rings, copper bee rings, gold plated bee rings & zinc and alloy bee rings.

It’s all about the bee’s this season. That’s right, this season sees bee jewellery top the most wanted list when it comes to must have items.

The search demand for bee necklaces appears to have taken a real lift this year. We  investigated the search demand for bee jewellery and the hot item in particular is proven to be the search term “bee necklace”.

Exactly what is a woman looking for when she is search for a bee ring?

Bee rings are more so associated with costume or fashion jewellery. You could consider such a ring as occasional wear. It is also very popular for affordable fashion jewellery to match a particular outfit.

Engagement rings. wedding rings and eternity rings will always be the forefront leaders as the big money rings. However, with accessibility to fashion / costume jewellery at an all time high, women are often opting to wear less costly jewellery and in particular sentimental rings on a daily basis or even for parties and events.

The inconvenience, upset and cost of losing a very valuable ring can be stressful. A lot of companies are producing beautiful engagement and wedding rings that in some way replicate the your original ring.

Here at boudecor we sell a beautiful range of eternity and engagement rings in a range of materials. Some of these can be personalised. These come in stainless steel, zinc & alloy and sterling silver.

We specialise in offering some truly amazing rings that are very affordable and still provide that head turning, wow factor.